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June 2022

Hello Fellow Traveler,

Denise and I have been dreaming about a trip like this for many years! It's taken a little longer than planned, but here we are two years later, ready to try again!

We have led Biblical teaching tours to the Holy Land to follow in the
Footsteps of Jesus. As well, we have traced the Journeys of Apostle Paul throughout Greece, Rome and Turkey.  Each of these trips have been so special and meaningful to each and every person.

This Biblical tour will be no exception. 

Together we are going to navigate like these lands just as the children of Israel did many years ago...We’re going from

Our Biblical tour will begin in
EGYPT, like those held in captivity to Pharaoh (only we won’t be making bricks without straw!). Then we’ll “make an exodus” into the Sinai Desert and stand on the top of Mt. Sinai as Moses did. Finally, we'll cross into the land of JORDAN, including Wadi Rum and, wait for it…PETRA (absolutely amazing!).

Then, like the children of Israel, 
we will enter the Promise Land of ISRAEL and follow in the footsteps of the Messiah Jesus!

To say we’re excited about this trip would be an understatement. We. Are. Excited.

Hopefully you can join us! It will be a grand adventure!

Grace & Peace,

John & Denise Fehlen


The Israel Tour Company

West Salem Foursquare Church

From Moses...
To the Messiah!
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