Ancient Stones - The Land of Jesus & the Patriarchs
Living Stones - The People in the Land 
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Larry & Lorrie Russell
Jeff & Kammy Anderson
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Guy & Carrie LeCompte
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Dear Friends & Fellow Adventurers,


We are excited to invite you to tour the land of Israel with us knowing that it will be an experience that will change your life forever!


We always say "Your Black and White Bible will turn to COLOR" as you walk where Jesus walked, see what His eyes saw, and experience His presence as never before!


It has been a while since anyone has been allowed into Israel and with the borders opening again, we are excited to have you encounter the land God calls HIS land.  Vaccinated or not, we are all welcome, so begin praying about taking this life-changing trip with us.   


Experience the Ancient Stones ~ The Land of Jesus and the Patriarchs, and meet the Living Stones ~ The People in the Land.  Walk where HISTORY becomes yours!  


This 12-day spiritual journey will take us to many of the most significant biblical locations in Israel, which are the foundations of our faith. God’s land and His people will leave an imprint on your heart and life forever. We will learn, pray, worship, eat wonderful meals together, and you might even laugh and cry along the way. It is truly an adventure of joy! 


We hope you take this opportunity to greatly multiply your walk with the Lord as you join us in this great adventure!


May the Lord Bless you!

Your Tour Hosts,

Larry and Lorrie Russell

Jeff and Kammy Anderson

Guy and Carrie LeCompte


​ITC Heritage Tours

Gail Magruder