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Dear Friends,

We'd like to invite you to join us on an adventure of a lifetime. I first visited Israel in 2007. I knew I had to come back and bring as many people with me as possible (including Robin and the kids). There is something profound about seeing, smelling, touching, and hearing the very ground where Jesus walked and the sights that He saw. Today we have a greater desire than ever to share this special place with our friends. 


We will live where Jesus lived. Sail the waters He walked upon. Here we will travel up to Jerusalem, the Holy City. You will see the ruins of the Temple where He moved daily and stand where He agonized in the garden before the betrayal. You will walk into the tomb that could not hold Him, be baptized in the Jordan River, float in the Dead Sea, and gaze in amazement at the Valley of Armageddon where human history will someday come to its climax. Bible stories will come alive, and you will never be able to read the Bible the same way again!


We have chosen to use The Israel Tour Company as our agent and host. Their trips are meticulously planned for safety, comfort, and rich meaning. Every detail is thought out in advance and the related costs are included in the package price — all except your lunches and spending money.


There is no place on Earth like Israel! Now, we would like you to prayerfully consider joining us October 2023 for a life-changing experience in the Holy Land.


God BlessYou,

Kurt & Robin Fuller


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